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Tirzart, Dress Shop Caloundra Sunshine Coast Our Company Values & Female Empowerment With Tirzah. Integrity Boldness. Honesty. Trust. Accountability. Commitment to Customers. Passion. Tirzart ’s Mission vision values

Since Tirzart ’s founding, our foundational goals have been truly clear: Offer our guests an extraordinary shopping experience where they will find the most unique distinctive fashionable dresses, accessories, expert advice and a diverse range of materials and colours that are equally outstanding. Embracing natural, recycled & handmade products which flow in rhythm with nature The team at Tirzart are constantly staying up to date with new developments in the fashion world. This knowledge is then carefully utilised and mixed with our imagination and materials, to produce and present alluring handmade apparel for our consumers that meet their needs.

Our expert knowledge and experience also make it possible for Tirzart to offer you the best in quality and a timeless clothing piece Our values serve as a guide to how we operate Tirzart and are integrated into the company’s mission statement and decision-making practices.

These enriched values not only delivery the basis for how Tirzart should run but also manifest themselves through the actions and lives of its employees in Caloundra.

Possessing an attitude of love and care from the very beginning, with a humble start at Eumundi Markets selling her charming & inventive hand made goods, she graduated her stall into a boutique along Caloundra ‘s main drag. Built from the ground up through relentless hard work with the will to follow her dreams, Tirzah values hard-work, kindness, self-love, and most importantly, making women feel good about themselves through fashion and good customer service.

With a product range designed for strong beautiful females by artistic females and women making up 90% of the employees, Tirzah Boutique embodies the mantra of female empowerment. Because empowering her customers is just as important as empowering her employees. Company values are often determined by management, and simply writing down a list of values does not make them effective. What puts the power behind these values are the customers and clients who use and purchase from the company, and more importantly, the employees who are walking examples of these values.


Products Distinctive, Radiant, Alluring, Poised, Pure We love radiant & natural and colourful, beautifully handcrafted high-quality inspired clothing with relaxed fits for a relaxed Australian lifestyle. For that reason, Tirzah focuses her attention to our online retail marketplace where she pursues her time creating beautiful garments for the ease of the customer and provided with service you would expect at only from Tirzart, Caloundra. We want to provide the best customer service possible.

We do this by making sure to answer all our customer queries as soon as possible, listening to feedback, implementing change, and never breaking promises when it comes to shipping and returns.

So this is our promise, to provide the best handcrafted Tirzart boutique products you will love and to value you as a customer above all else.


  • We want to Expand Tizart’s image across Australia with devotion and quality products.
  • Become and remain an undisputed leader in affordable luxury fashion and female empowerment.
  • Increase the importance of natural accessories to broaden our customers’ reach.
  • Ensure consistency and dynamic, through multiple artistic collection’s themes per year
  • 100% recycled.
  • 100% made with love.
  • 100% for you.

Thanks to our loyal customers!
We would not be Tirzart without the amazing people behind the scenes and our loyal customers living out our mission every day. We hope to continue spreading our message of hard-work, females feeling great about themselves and self-love through our employees and customers.
Let us chat! What empowers you to be your true self? Leave it in the comments below!

A lifelong passion. Caloundra’s friendliest online boutique.

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