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Tirzart represents women that are of free spirit, a traveller always exited to explore the unknown or unseen, something new to her eyes. She is not the normal girl that follows the crowd but the exception that tests the rules and boundaries. She is beautiful, soulful, passionate, wild, romantic at heart and not afraid to wear her style, pieces of art that are unique but sophisticated. A Modern bohemian, a rebel with a gypsy spirit.
Tirzart boutique is enriched with passions of unconventional styles, skilled artisans from around the world that need to belong in your life.
Boots from Tirzart Boutique


One example of an exceptional uniqueness for the sophisticated bohemian is the amazing range of Boots found at Tirzart.
From Texan style boots to Moccasin wedge boots that ooze quality and detail. Tirzart boots are exquisite in workmanship by skilled shoemakers, made from exclusive leather materials with main attention to detail and above all, comfort.


Tirzart is more than a simple boutique with quality styles but is about passion, creativity, heart, and soul. Tirzart wants every woman to leave with a feeling of pride, love of her boots, and empowered to face the world with confidence, a free spirit and to love herself.

See the unique range of boots at Tirzart whether you are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide, or any other city in Australia.
Travel all corners of the world in your new boots in style and comfort. Tirzart is here to help you ignite you’re your free spirit.

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