About Tirzart

Tirzart - Affordable and fabulous women’s fashion and accessories in Caloundra

If you have ever wondered where on the Sunshine Coast you can find reused and recycled accessories and gorgeous clothing made from natural and recycled materials – look no further than Tirzart Online fashion boutique.

Who is Tirzart?

A fabulous online fashion and accessory boutique, Tirzart offer a unique and bespoke range of ethical and sustainable products, all hand-chosen for the discerning fashion lover.

Ideal for those who love a bohemian look, the online boutique is a popular choice for those out there looking for outfits and accessories with a conscience.

Why is Tirzart so popular?

It can be difficult to find clothing and accessories that are kind to the environment, and Tirzart offers trendy, affordable fashion with a cool and breezy vibe. You won’t find anyone in the same outfit when you shop at Tirzart, thanks to the cool garments that are ethically sourced and made in small runs.

A modern- bohemian fashion brand that targets clients who love to feel fabulous, the boutique has a wide range of clothing perfect for everything from an elegant night out to a floaty dress for the markets.

How are Tizart unique to our competitors?

The boutique is all about natural and colourful garments and accessories that are charming and beautiful to touch. Products range from 100% recycled handmade Jewellery to leather bags and everything in between.

Everything from earrings, skirts, dresses, Jewellery and even handbags are available at Tirzart, all with the perfect embroidery and embellishments to add that special touch to your outfit.

Garments at Tirzart are a bit special from the norm, thanks to their wistful and sentimental style and gorgeous fabrics that embrace natural, recycled, and handmade products.

Clothes and accessories are always made in small runs and to a uniquely high standard – hence the popularity of the fabulous Caloundra-based online store.

High-quality fashion and accessories that are trendy and affordable

Tirzart is the perfect online fashion boutique for those searching for a look that is effortless and beautiful.

Many consider the boutique to be a little bit boho, a little bit gypsy, a little modern and a touch of class. Tirzart Boutique creates a stylish look that is mindful and kind to the environment – all at an affordable price tag.

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