Bohemian Boot

Following our love and passion for unique beautiful, handcrafted items, Tirzart boutique is excited to stock an exquisite high fashion range of handmade bohemian-style boots and accessories. Crafted from genuine leather, Tirzart now stocks an incredible range of these boots to compliment your gorgeous boho outfit.

Silverstone/Cowboys style Boots by Tirzart boutique in Caloundra….. now stocking a complete range of the most unique boots you’ll ever cast your eyes upon.

Styles available include Indianino, Texan-style and sandal boots, all available in a wide range of sizes and styles to create the perfect look for your favourite outfit. 100% Handmade in Italy by experienced and clever craftsmen with generations of experince and created using the finest materials, our new range of boots will ensure the perfect finish to your outfit for casual nights out or for that special occasion.

Featuring innovative leather treatments, such as the feature Silverstone wash which works to create incredible colour nuances and a vintage effect on the leather, there is sure to be a style of leather boot for every taste, style, and occasion.

Bohemian Boot - Sunshine Coast

Each of Tirzart’s range of boots is unique, timeless, and unmatched in every way.

Our range of one-off boots ensures your style is both unique and completely crafted to your desired look. We’re not a boutique that has hundreds of the same garments and accessories; we want you to feel unique and stylish wearing items that are made from the highest quality materials. Once you put your foot into one of Tirzart’s bohemian style boots, you will feel the quality, incredible comfort, and ease of wearing them all day long. All products are made to the highest standard by skilled leather artisans, so you get the benefit of a boot that will last for many years to come

When you purchase your handmade rare custom pair from our Sunshine Coast boutique, they will become part of you, different independent and strong.

Created to mould to the wearer, our range of boots are of the highest quality, which means they mould to your foot, and the leather is hard-wearing no matter how you wear them. Made with passion and from the finest materials, we’re positive your bohemian style boots will soon become one of your favourite items in your clothing collection.

By wearing them during your travels, your work, and your life, knowing that you are wearing one of the worlds rarest boots, will give you that special unique feel over the rest.

Dare to be DARING, FREE and UNIQUE – then come in to our Boutique and enjoy the Experience.

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